More Tips For Conversing With A Loved One With Dementia In Residential Aged Care Facilities

People suffering from dementia can be difficult to talk to as their memory starts to slowly lose its function. This is actually one reason why some of their relatives fear to visit them once they move into facilities that offer residential aged care in Sydney. Although it is true that talking to an elderly with dementia is challenging, it should not be avoided. This is because conversations can help ease the pains and sufferings brought about by this illness. If you’re having talking to your loved one suffering from dementia, you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind.

Change the Subject

Sometimes, people with dementia will start showing signs that they’re no longer interested in the topic of the conversation. They often show this by becoming upset or frustrated, or by simply keeping quiet and being unresponsive. This issue can often be addressed by changing the topic into something they like or remember. If not, then perhaps it’s time to do another activity aside from talking or moving to a different room or area in the residential aged care facilities.

Be Supportive and Reassuring

Sometimes people with dementia will need some form of confirmation to ensure that they are remembering an event correctly. When they do, you’ll want to offer some physical or verbal statements that offers support or reassurance. More often than not, a gentle tap on the hands or even a nod and a smile is more than enough to do the trick. This will also encourage them to talk more, and even help them remember a thing or two.

Talk about the Past

Older people who are suffering from dementia will have trouble remembering events that have happened in the short term. However, they may be able to remember events that happened in their distant past. That said, instead of asking questions that call on their short term memory, try asking general questions about their past. Ask them about their favorite trip or dish, what their previous job was and so on. Also, you’ll want to avoid starting your question with phrases like “Do you remember…” and other similar phrases.

Make Jokes

People with dementia forget a lot of things, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t comprehend jokes. So to lighten the mood, try telling a joke or two when talking your loved one. This will not only make the conversation better, but it will also allow you and your loved one to share joy and laughter together. Just avoid jokes that are too long or difficult to understand.

Talking to a loved one suffering from dementia has its own challenges. However, this shouldn’t be a reason for you to stop visiting them at facilities offering residential aged care in Sydney. In fact, it would be a better idea to visit them regularly and talk to them. They may not remember much, but they will certainly appreciate having someone to talk to from time to time.

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