Ministrants of Care for the Elderly

Youth usually remains blind to the eventual onset of age. Most people spend their youth in pursuing their academic qualifications. Settling down a career can often take up the best part of life. Life remains a constant struggle to provide for themselves and the family. However, elderly family members could demonstrate their inability to look after themselves. This could increase the strain on each member of the family. The younger family members spend long hours at work to fulfil their roles as providers. On the other hand, high levels of supervised care.

In order to make it easier for both the young and the old, the Government set up an age care nursing home. The objective of these residential aged care homes lay in ministering to the cares and needs of the elderly. These age care Sydney homes, provide the elderly with long-term accommodation and care. Hence, people also refer to them as residential aged care homes. Some age care Sydney homes look after the elderly for shorter durations depending on their requirements. Such homes provide respite care. Others provide transition care. This denotes those occasions when the elderly need specialised treatment that family members cannot provide. It would usually occur when the elderly person suffers from an accident or an illness and needs devoted care and attention.

For the past two decades, Residential Gardens has been synonymous for providing superlative hospitality and care to its residents. An age care nursing home catering primarily to the Spanish elderly, Residential Gardens has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Each member of the team has a high degree of expertise when it comes to age care skills. This enables Residential Gardens not merely to look after its residents, but to enhance their life by helping them utilise their time effectively. It comes as no surprise then, that they have earned accolades and accreditations galore. The Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency approves of Residential Gardens. Further, Residential Gardens also complies with the prescriptions of the Commonwealth Building Certification Instrument.

No matter how superior the facility, moving an elderly family member to such homes can be an immense strain on the family. Those left behind could feel uprooted, while those returning home can feel very guilty. Realising that you have picked the wrong facility for your elderly family member can aggravate the situation for both. Hence, knowing the level of care provided by the home remains a necessity. Most homes provide levels of care such as:


American writer, Betty Friedan, wrote: “Ageing is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength”. Many people might find this difficult to understand. After all, when one ages one tends to require a lot more care and support. However, the staff at Residential Gardens understands the profundity of Betty’s words. For us, each individual entrusted to our care, represents a life well lived and filled with a variety of experiences. This remains the reason behind our encouraging the elderly to take up activities that provide them with optimal levels of enjoyment. Unlike the youth who seldom have time to follow their pursuits, the elderly enjoy an abundance of time. Most age care homes provide service and care. At Residential Gardens, the elderly get respect and freedom too.