Low Care Services – You Guide to Hostel Facilities

People who don’t need complete assistance or 24-hour care choose low care services. The low care services include general assistance with dressing and other daily activities and occasional nursing care. It basically provides a supported environment where the resident can have a comfortable life and also seek necessary help with everyday tasks and also benefit from living in an aged care home. Residents who are semi-independent and require minimal help from carers to live an independent life seek low care services.
The low care services are best classified as personal care type of services which includes:

There are definitely some services which are provided to all residents irrespective of the need for high or low care services. These are known as basic services which are provided at no additional cost and include Basic accommodation, laundry services, meals, personal care, mobility and communication assistance, building maintenance, Emergency assistance, and support for social activities. Residential Gardens is committed to provide highest quality aged health care, respect, assistance and care to maintain health and wellbeing for all its residents. A number of quality safeguards have been put in place to ensure that residents receive highest quality of care and services.
We understand that the decision to move into a residential aged care home is never easy for anyone, i.e. neither the family members nor the elderly who needs to move in. At Residential Gardens, we provide you all the required information and details of our facilities so that you can make an easy yet informed decision.