Low Care Services – Assisted Living

Low Care services, alternatively also known as Hostel Care is designed for residents who wants to enjoy the benefits of an independent lifestyle. Residential Gardens is committed to provide higher degree of independence when compared with nursing homes. The availability of a full serviced home, skilled carers who can provide necessary assistance with daily activities and on-site kitchen ensures that the residents enjoy their stay with the benefits of care and recreation. Our Low care homes are fully accredited and committed to provide top notch quality services.

Low care services are mostly required by people who are physically more independent than those requiring nursing care services. What it means is that people who require daily assistance and support during dressing, bathing and eating depend on an assisted living, where the low care homes provide personal carers taking care of their daily chores. At Residential Gardens, we not only provide adequate assistance with respect to daily activities, but also focus on resident’s emotional well-being, which proves crucial in minimising depression levels. We also provide customized low care services for residents, where the care is tailored to suit the requirements of the resident.

We also understand the importance of leisure and recreational activities and hence organize photography, gardening and creative art programmes to keep their lifestyle interesting and lively. The requirement of low care services can undergo changes over time and there might be need of additional care services with time. With a caring and dedicated team, we ensure that every one of our residents are given the best care services. Residential gardens provides innovative, fashionable and spacious home environment for its residents. The broad range of services offered under low care involves showering, supervision of medication, laundry, bed making, dressing etc. Along with our continued low care services, we encourage independence and involvement of all our residents.