Low care – Prevent Slips and Falls at home

Low care facilities are designed for elderly people who want to stay independent while receiving assistance with daily activities. It is important to ensure that slips and falls at home are prevented for the elderly loved one because falls at home can cause serious injuries.

Low care facilities at home would look out for loose rugs or, slippery surfaces, lack of safety rails, poor lighting, lots of clutter, trailing wires etc. and ensure to remove all risk factors which can cause a fall. Conditions like osteoporosis and Parkinson’s disease, continence problems, auditory impairment etc. can also affect the risk of slipping or falling.

As a family member or, professional caregiver one must always check that the loved one’s home is free from obstacles or, items which may restrict mobility and cause a slip or fall. By preparing healthy meals rich in calcium and vitamin D, one can ensure healthy bones for their elderly loved ones.