Low Care Nursing home In Rooty Hill – Residential Gardens.

Confusion can arise from the difference between low care nursing homes, regular nursing homes, and retirement villages. This blog will distinguish the difference in a detailed manner with the mention of a quality low care facility in Rooty Hill ‘Residential gardens’.

Low Care

Otherwise known as ‘hostel care’, low care nursing homes allow for accommodation, meals, laundry service, room cleaning, personal care, and the possibility of nursing care when required.  Personal care refers to help with dressing and showering when required. However, these residents are far more independent than those in high care and mostly do not require assistance with basic tasks. Residents in low care such as low care facility in Rooty Hill ‘Residential gardens’ are defined in the Aged Care Act 1997 as being in residential care.

High Care

High care aged care nursing homes is more suitable for frail older people who are unable to do basic tasks and cannot move as easily as other elders. A team of dedicated nurses is absolutely necessary at these aged care nursing homes and healthcare professionals are always on standby to provide assistance and their services when necessary.

Retirement Village

A retirement village is similar to the Low Care homes found in Rooty Hill and the rest of the world as they house elderly who are generally able to care for themselves. Retirement villages are residential communities or housing complexes with assistance from home care agencies that provide activities and socialization between residents.