Low care – Learning more on Assisted Living Facilities

Elderly loved ones who want to spend the rest of their life while enjoying the benefits of independent living choose low care services. However before making a decision to move to a low care facility there are various important checks which needs to be done.
Before signing the contract, always check the exclusionary clause which can include conditions like dementia, incontinence etc. The low care facility should be wheelchair accessible in case your elderly loved one uses a wheelchair. It is recommended to ask for the activities schedule so that you can know whether the low care facility offers interactive activities.

To understand the responsiveness and reliability of the staff and administrator you can make frequent phone calls or visits to the facility before making your final decision. There should also be enough emphasis on physical fitness which indicates if the facility invests in improving the resident’s quality of life. There should be enough staff coverage for the 11 PM – 7 AM shift because most residents need low care services during these times.