Low care – Common Misconceptions about Assisted Living

No one can deny the fact that the transition from their home to a low care facility is a big change. Seniors may experience a decline in health, social isolation, feeling lonely and requiring assistance with daily tasks. It may mean that they would require services offered by a low care facility in order to maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle.

There are certain common misconceptions about assisted living which includes Assisted living facilities are filled with people who are ill. People often picture a low care facility to be one with feeble, old and sick residents. However, the fact is that low care facilities have residents who need minimal medical care and assistance.

People feel that their privacy and independence is compromised in a low care facility. The fact is that Assisted living facilities are designed to ensure that residents can have an independent lifestyle. Many seniors feel that it is not necessary to move to a low care facility if they are healthy and few feel that the facilities are very expensive. Truth is that a low care facility offers the right amount of care one needs as they age and there are various affordable and personalized care options available with Assisted living. Call us at Residential Gardens today to find out more!!

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