Low Care – Accommodation and Personal Care

Low care homes or, hostels encompasses establishments which offer group accommodation to seniors with communal facilities like personal care. The personal care is generally any help with daily living activities like dressing, showering etc. along with occasional nursing care.

From 1 July 2004, the distinction between low and high care facilities no longer applies. All residential care recipients now have access to the type of aged care services which meets their needs. Low care services generally includes assistance with Personal care, Medication administration, Nursing care as required, Meals and Cleaning.

Constant review and assessment of resident’s needs is important while ensuring that the member maintains a high level of dignity and self sufficiency. Friendly nursing staff members are available round the clock. This means that while low care facilities encourage one to be independent, medical help is always available as per the need. Low care facilities also encourage social activities and engagements aimed at supporting an individual’s lifelong interests

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