Keeping an Open Mind

Remember that despite all your effort and planning, visiting your grandparents in an age care facility will not always go how you hoped they will. There’s always a chance that your visit may be cut short or your loved one will be too tired or may already have plans or will have health needs that should be attended to. When this happens, don’t feel disappointed, and instead make plans to visit on another day or adapt your plans accordingly. What matters is that you came and visited, regardless of whether your plans were fulfilled or not.

Also, there will be times when there will be some long and silent moments, especially if you’re not that close to your grandparents. This is actually one reason why young people avoid visiting their grandparents in aged care nursing homes because they dread such awkward moments. However, you shouldn’t let these concerns stop you from paying them a visit. The more you let these concerns bother you, the less likely you are to visit them. And the less you visit them, the more that they start feeling lonely. It is a fact that loneliness is a major health concern among seniors, causing damaging stress and even memory loss. Even if they live in a facility and are surrounded by other seniors and staff, they can still experience loneliness and suffer the consequences. By visiting your grandparents, you can provide wonderful opportunities for bonding. In many cases, simply seeing you brings them joy and allows you to connect in ways you may not have before.

So whenever you have doubts about vising your grandparents in  age care facilities, just remember that the visit is not for you but for your loved ones. Remember also that when you visit them, you are in a way easing their loneliness and somehow enriching their day.

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