Is it time to send a loved one to an aged care nursing home?

The decision to send an elderly loved one into a residential aged care facility might be the toughest you will ever make. There is a common notion that the kids who are sincere care for their parents themselves, and do not move them to a nursing home. However, such notions are based on unpredictable circumstances, and life is far from certain. When it comes to elders, life is constantly changing and fluid. So, it is important that caregivers realise that moving an elderly loved one to an aged care nursing home is a more practical way of ensuring better care for him/her, and there is no point torturing yourself with guilt.

The problem is that many caregivers fail to decide as to what the best time to move their parent or spouse into an aged care nursing home in Sydney is. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself and you will certainly know if the time is right.
• Have you been finding it hard to move or lift your loved one? Does your back hurt every time you are trying to carry the loved one around?
• Have you ever forgotten to give the elderly loved one medication on time?
• Are your chronically tired and emotionally distressed?
• Has your loved one’s Alzheimer’s progressed to a point where he/she exhibits challenging behaviours such as aggression or paranoia?

Does he/she ever try to hurt you?
• Has your elderly family member ever wandered outside and got lost?
• Do you feel that your own health is declining?
• Are finding it hard to strike a balance between caring for the elderly family member and other responsibilities?
• Are your relationships suffering?
• Do you have medical issues that need immediate attention? Do you have a surgery or another medical procedure scheduled in the next some days or month?
• Has your doctor recommended that your aged loved one needs high care, and that he might be better off with aged care?
• Does your loved one now require high level of care, and you are unable to provide it in spite of your good intentions and best efforts?
• Have your friends or family members ever told you that you should consider moving in your aged loved one to a residential aged care facility in Sydney?
• Have you realised that no other option such as hiring domestic help or home care is working well for the elderly family member?
• Do you get ample time for yourself and for leisure activities?
By chalking down answers to the aforementioned questions, you will get a fair idea of whether it is the right time to move your loved one to an aged care facility in Sydney.
It is important for the caregivers to understand that Residential gardens offer their residents a home-like environment where they can spend their lives under the care of professionals and in the company of their age mates. We not only offer a safe living environment and high quality care, but we also ensure that the residents enjoy a good lifestyle.