How to Identify the Most Suitable Aged Care Facility for Your Loved One

The recent government regulations have removed many of the differences that existed between various aged care residential facilities in Australia. For example, there is no distinction between high care and low care aged care facilities at present. However, you will still need to consider various factors, when it comes to selecting the best residential aged care facility for your loved ones. It might be worthwhile going through the resident handbook to ascertain many details.

Some of the most important aspects to consider are:

The best way to examine aged care nursing homes is to take a comprehensive tour of the facility. Check the manner in which the staff and the residents interact. Do the residents seem happy and well looked after? Does the staff take proper care of its residents? Is the facility clean and odourless? Does it appear warm, comfortable and inviting? Consider how you would like staying in a facility as the one you’re visiting. It might be worthwhile making a few visits to the facility, before you finalise your decision.