How to Assess the Type of Care that Your Loved One Needs

When people you love start losing their independence, the situation can be quite distressing. In such cases, moving them into aged care facilities could be beneficial. But, you will need to determine the aged care options available. In addition, you will need to assess your loved one’s requirements when you search for quality aged care facilities.

Aged care nursing homes typically offer different levels of aged care. These include:

–  Independent living that allows people to live independently within self-contained residences with private balconies, kitchens and bathrooms

–   Dementia care services that come with plans tailored to suit your loved one’s specific needs

–   Palliative care services that assist people with chronic conditions such as pain etc.

–   High care services comprising injections, wound & skin care, medication management etc.) that cater to people with various medical conditions that affect their day-to-day lives and,

–  Low care services that helps your loved ones regain their independence by assisting with transportation, meal preparation, general housework, personal grooming etc.

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