How good are the outdoor areas?

At their age, it will be important for your loved ones to get as much fresh air as possible. They should go outdoors, so that their spirits stay up too. Whether you are looking for low care or high care options, make sure to go out and check out the outdoor areas surrounding the facility. Check if it looks safe, and if it looks like your loved one will have a good time in the area.

How good are the safety and security procedures?

It’s important for any residential aged care facility to have good security and safety details. The bathroom and rooms should be accessible and be convenient enough for an elderly person to live in. You should also check if they provide round the clock nursing care to the residents.

No matter if you are looking for temporary options, such as care respite, or permanent residential aged care facility, find out what the bathing options and grooming services are. Find out if there are any helpers in the facility that will help your loved one get ready and dressed for important occasions, too. It’s always better for you to ask all these questions while deciding which aged care facility would be perfect to move your loved one to.