High Care – What are the different Services?

High Care facilities are generally required for people who need continuous nursing care because of their frail health condition. Basic services in any aged care home are provided at no extra cost, but there are specific services which are only provided to residents who require high care. High Care services provides assistance for daily activities like dressing, eating etc., as well as care from registered nurses and carers round the clock. High Care for a short period can be arranged for the carer when they require residential respite care. Residential Gardens specialises in aged care services offering several residential care facilities including high and low care facilities.
Residents are offered high care services for long term requirements for care and support and low level care services for short term needs. High care services are designed for residents with complex needs that require round-the-clock nursing care as well as other support services. There are myriad services offered under high care which includes:



Among the other services included as part of high care are assistance for rehabilitation, recreation, and emotional support. Residents who need high care services are monitored for their conditions, so as to improve the delivery of high care services. High care services are mostly required by people recovering from surgery or injury, people with serious illness or disability. Based on the level of dependency of the resident, the high care services are often customized and tailored to suit specific needs and priorities of every resident. Requirement for complete assistance with most daily tasks and 24-hour care means you need High Care services.