High Care – When Is Long Term Care Necessary?

Long term care includes offering medical care by skilled healthcare professionals for elderly loved ones suffering from chronic illness, injury or disability. The need for high care is determined by a professional assessing an individual’s ability to perform activities of daily living like dressing, eating, mobility around the house and using the bathroom safely.

There are several additional activities to consider like managing finances, handling medications, shopping for groceries, light housework etc. One needs to be involved in these activities to feel independent and maintain a good quality of life. High care can be offered to your elderly loved one when they can no longer be cared for at home and when they need assistance in at least three of the activities of daily living or, ADLs mentioned above.

High care  facilities offer round the clock care by a specially trained team of healthcare professionals. The high care services are provided in a comfortable and supportive environment which encourages residents to maintain their independence.