High Care – Safety proofing the bathroom for your loved one

Elderly residents receiving high care facilities are twice as likely to suffer nonfatal injuries in a bathroom when compared to an average person. Hence, for residents receiving high care facilities, one must start with safety proofing the bathroom.

There are few important tips which can help in making the bathroom safer for seniors. Installation of grab bars in a bathroom will help the seniors to anchor themselves when climbing in and out of the tub. Use solid screws and test its strength and durability.

Wet floors can be very dangerous and hence one must install non-slip decals in the bathroom where seniors are receiving high care facilities. Installation of a secure bathing seat can lower the risk of your loved ones getting tired while taking a shower. A dark hallway to the bathroom can be risky during night and hence one must install night lights to avoid a fall or injuries. Since seniors have thin and delicate skin, it is advisable to lower hot water temperatures for them.