High Care for Dementia at Residential Gardens

Dementia is an ailment that typically affects older Australians and is a major reason many families choose aged care for a loved one. It is a serious condition that often requires intensive and full-time high care from professionals to manage properly. Dementia is not a single disease, according to Dementia Australia it is ‘a collection of symptoms that are caused by disorders affecting the brain’. One common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Residential aged care facilities such as Residential Gardens can offer high care for dementia suffers to ensure they remain as happy and safe as possible.

Some of the common symptoms of dementia include progressive memory loss, confusion, anxiety, mood shifts, and mental decline. These symptoms can lead to issues with people living alone and will often require high care, as they may begin to wander or get lost. They often also have issues with balance and muscular function as the condition progresses. The care and supervision of this necessitate will not be feasible for many families. In these cases, residential aged care facilities can offer full-time care for your loved one.

It is important for a medical professional to assess a person who may be suffering from dementia to confirm the condition and if high care is required. It can often be confused with other conditions such as hormone deficiencies, depression, and medication issues that have similar symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no cure for most forms of dementia, and the best treatment is care, love, and support from family and medical professionals. Residential aged care facilities are often the best course of action for people in the later stages of dementia where regular care is needed, usually beyond the capacity of family members.

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