High Care – Different stages of Dementia

During dementia, different symptoms can emerge at various different stages. It’s a progressive condition which slowly gets worse over the years. High care facilities are required by elderly loved ones with dementia because they would need continuous nursing care.

The three basic stages of dementia are Early, Middle and Late.  In the early stage the symptoms are mild and people can live independently whereas in the Middle stage which is the longest, forgetfulness and confusion becomes more pronounced. During the late stage, people are increasingly frail and appear to live in their own world with minimal communication.

Further, high care facilities are required by people with dementia as and when their memory condition worsens which in turn makes them more vulnerable and dependent on others. The main stages of dementia includes Normal, Minor memory issues, Mild decline, Moderate decline of memory, Moderately Severe decline, Severe decline and Very severe decline. It’s important to provide them the best high care facilities to keep them comfortable and calm