High Care – Comprehensive Care and Support services

Residents who choose high care facilities receive comprehensive care and assistance in managing daily living tasks along with additional services which includes aids for mobility, incontinence management, basic toiletries etc. In addition to their access to round the clock Nurse services, high care residents are also offered assistance with feeding, medication administration etc.
The promotion of independence and ensuring the comfort and well being of residents is one of the top most priorities of any high care facility. Some high care facilities also offer an extensive care program which includes services like podiatry, physiotherapy, dental, ophthalmology and speech therapy.
For residents who need specific attention based on their condition may choose high care facilities which offer specific services for conditions like Alzheimer’s, Dementia etc. Every resident’s care needs are accessed and their care plan customized to reflect their unique needs. Along with medical care and assistance, high care facilities also offer laundry services, garden maintenance, personal care services, social recreational activities etc.