Health Concerns of Coronavirus Isolation for Seniors

Most of us find it difficult to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Seniors in aged care nursing homes are one group that is particularly affected. For months, most have been shut off from outside visitors and confined to their rooms, with three meals a day delivered to their door. This can be plain overwhelming and exacerbate sadness, paranoia, and anxiety symptoms.

It’s critical to be aware of the health risks of coronavirus isolation for the elderly, who are more susceptible, as this can exacerbate pre-existing health problems. Health issues such as a loss of appetite and a lack of physical exercise are prevalent. These are particularly dangerous because they both increase the risk of falling, which is already a problem for many seniors.

Our team is doing its best to lessen the effects of coronavirus isolation for seniors. Our team of specialists has been more involved in their care and filling the hole by just checking in on them more regularly, having a chat, or playing calming music, which has shown to be quite effective in mitigating this issue. We also assist them in using technology to communicate with family and friends, which has shown to be quite beneficial.

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