Fees in Aged Care Nursing Homes

Like all services, aged care nursing homes will have an associated cost. With the accommodation, assistance, food, and other services that nursing homes provide, the fee must cover these expenses.  

There are 3 main fees that may be charged for aged care nursing homes:

The basic daily fee is designed to cover the basic living expenses for the elderly resident. It is a standard fee set by the department of human services for government-subsidized facilities. This covers things like meals, cleaning, laundry, and all utilities. The fee is equal to 85% of the single aged pension, which is evaluated every 6 months.

This is an additional fee based on the income and assets of the person staying at aged care nursing homes. Some people may pay no additional fee. In some cases, the family home may be excluded from the assessment. This is if a partner, dependent child, or some carers still live there.

This optional fee may be set by aged care nursing homes to cover the maintenance and facilities cost of the actual site. It can cover things like gyms, pools, and other amenities. This is set by the home itself and must be clearly advertised.

For more information, and to get up to date figures, visit the My Aged Care government resource.