Exercising for Residents

Exercising on a daily basis is vital for muscle, bone health, and overall well-being for agecare residents. A large number of individuals within the agecare residence exercise on a daily basis for multiple reasons, some exercise for independence, and others exercise to socialize and improve their mobility.

Health officials have shown that adults that exercise often help reduce the risk of developing various health conditions such as cardiovascular, chronic health, and respiratory conditions.  Exercising also improves the residents’ mobility, strength, and health.

There are exercises considered to be safe for residents taking into consideration their current health, activeness, and their capabilities. Before beginning any exercises, for agecare residents, it is recommended they carry out warm up exercises before carrying out any physical activity to prevent any injuries from occurring and they ensure these exercises are completed under supervision.

As the quality of life has increased, the demand for exercising programs has increased rapidly over the years for residents’ well-being. A larger number of aged care facilities have now also implemented exercising programs within their facility for the residents and their personal health.