Do You Need to Inform Anyone Once You Move to an Aged Care Home?

The process of moving to an aged care home can involve a myriad of details. Thus, once you gain admission to a residential aged care home, you might think that you don’t need to do anything else thereafter. However, you will need to inform or notify certain people or agencies about moving to an aged care facility.

Some of the people or agencies that you might need to inform could typically include:

–        Your friends and relatives

–        Health professionals you refer to i.e. your doctor or GP, pharmacist etc.

–        Your bank, credit union, superannuation and insurance companies

–        Your utility service providers i.e. phone, gas, water, electricity etc.

–        Your home support service provider i.e. gardener, cleaner, home help, home care package provider etc. and,

–     Government-related agencies such as the tax authorities, Medicare service providers, the local offices of the electoral commission, road & transport authority, post office, local council etc.

It can be worth highlighting that this list can by no means be exhaustive. Only you can ascertain the people and agencies who need to be aware of your movement to a high or low care facility for the aged. If you’re looking for an aged care facility that caters especially to Spanish folks, consider checking out Residential Gardens