Covid-19 Vaccination for Residents

The government has prioritized residential aged care residents to receive their COVID-19 vaccine first as part of Phase 1A of the roll-out strategy placed in Australia. To protect these residents, aged care workers are also included in this phase to take their vaccines.  A number of families are concerned with giving the Covid-19 Vaccine to their loved ones when it comes to knowing the risks. However, it is recommended that the residential aged care residents and workers talk to health professionals to know whether it is suitable for them or not.

The COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer) helps to prevent an individual from getting the virus affecting their system. A number of individuals are worried about the vaccine containing the virus, however, the Department of Health has confirmed that the vaccine doesn’t have the Covid-19 virus, but a genetic code instead that helps to fight against COVID-19.

In the recent update from the Department of Health, residential aged care providers are expected to record the resident’s consent if done verbally for the vaccination and store the consent form and the verbal consent for each dose. Here at Residential Gardens, we follow the guidelines set out by the Department of Health to ensure the safety of our residents.