Choosing an Aged Care Facility: Safety and Accessibility

Check the residential aged care facility as well for safety and accessibility. As much as possible, you’ll want a facility with minimal stairs (none if possible) or any other structure that will make it difficult for the patients to move around. See if the walkways are spacious enough. If you can find a facility with rubber flooring or is carpeted, you may want to consider this since it offers better protection against slips and can cushion falls better than tiles or hardwood floors. Check the bedrooms as well, and how secure the cabinets and drawers are for the patient’s valuables. Alternatively, you can ask is the facility has special storage rooms or lockers for the patient’s valuables.

Lifestyle activities

Elderly people will need to be engaged in some form of entertaining activity to keep them from being bored. Ask the residential aged care facility manager what structured and unstructured activities can your love one enjoy while there in the facility. What about activities outside the facility? Are there any program or activities that will allow the patients to go out of the facilities and mingle with the local community? In addition, some elderly people are familiar with the use of Skype and other messaging apps and this may be a part of their lifestyle already, especially when they use it to communicate with family and friends. Are they allowed to do this in the facility, and are there dedicated computer rooms or Wi-Fi for their smartphones just in case?

Visitors and family

You will also want to know the facility’s rules and regulations with regards to family visits. Ask the manager about the scheduled time of visits for friends and family, and if there are any restrictions as to the number of guests allowed per visit. You should also ask for how long the visitor is allowed to stay with the patient. For instance, you may want to ask if the visitors can join the patient during meal times, or even overnight should the patient request for it. What about their rules regarding children or pets even as this may be a concern in some facilities that offer high care in South West. Some patients may have pets that they’ve left with a family or friend, and they may want to see them from time to time. Besides, pets can be very therapeutic and can help ease the loneliness and boredom that many elderly people in aged care facilities usually experience.