Choosing an Aged Care Facility: Health and Wellness

Some elderly people often have health issues and concerns, and so you’ll want to know if there are doctors and nurses available in the residential aged care facility. You can ask how often these health professional come and visit (if they don’t have resident doctors or healthcare professionals). You should also know if their doctors can be called upon during emergencies even after hours.

Aside from that, you should also ask about any health and fitness regimens that the patients go through like exercises and other similar activities. Ask if these have been tailored to cater to elderly people, and if a professional is available to watch over the activities. Are there also massages after the activity, and who administers them?

Terms and conditions

You should also be very familiar with the terms and conditions that have been agreed by you and the facility should you decide to leave your loved one there. For instance, with regards to costs, will the payments be done in a lump sum mode or via periodical billings? What happens when there’s a delay in payment? What about high care and low care discrepancies, are they any?

Also, ask for a copy of the facility’s handbook and read the rules and regulations. Take notice if there are any strict rules regarding bed times, visiting times, or even personal care. Learn what is prohibited and not, and be sure to consider these before letting your loved one move in. As a final consideration, you should discuss the house rules with your loved one and see if they are amenable to them.

Residential Gardens – Your Perfect Aged care in Rooty Hill

Here at Residential Gardens, we always try our best to be the perfect age care facility for all our residents and their family. Testimony to these are the various awards we’ve received over the years. We make sure that we give nothing but the best to our clients and that they live in good health and love.

Our facility boasts of some of the best amenities in aged care and retirement resort. Our rooms are spacious and furnished with top of the line furniture to ensure the comfort of our residents. We also have master en suite bathrooms, television sets, phones and other appliances to make their lives more convenient. Aside from that, we have lovely gardens, courtyards and sitting areas where our residents can enjoy some quite time.

If you are interested in discussing what our residential aged care facilities in Rooty Hill can do for you and your loved one, please feel free to get in touch with us today.