Care respite – Various options available for the caregiver

The life of a caregiver is very challenging and always under stress and tremendous pressure. The act of providing care to your loved one or someone is need gets so overwhelming sometimes that the caregiver starts to experience compassion fatigue which can soon trigger heightened depression levels. This is where care respite comes handy because it helps the caregiver to rejuvenate themselves.
Care respite can be for a few hours to a few weeks which allows to relieve the stress levels for a caregiver. There are various different options available for the caregiver looking for a care respite break.

Residential care respite allows nine weeks of respite for a caregiver. Day care respite is offered at community centres and local health centres. Short term care respite can be used to spend time for one doing shopping, hanging out with friends or, a weekly meeting with your health care provider. There are specific care respite centres which provide information and support to caregivers.