Care respite – Importance of short term respite care

The primary caregiver of an ageing loved one may be experiencing stress or burnout after a while which is why care respite facilities are extremely important. The number of caregivers have increased exponentially over the years which has also increased the number of people suffering from stress, depression, isolation etc.
Caregivers need to make use of care respite services which offers a break from their responsibilities from time to time to take care of themselves as well. Many caregivers, mostly the spouse caregivers feel guilty when they contemplate of using care respite services. However it is important to understand the importance of short term respite care which makes them a better caregiver in the long run.
Care respite services allow the caregiver to maintain their own lives, see their own doctor and also attend support groups with other caregivers. Care respite should never be considered a luxury because it is a necessity for the wellbeing of both their ageing loved one and the carer.