Care Respite – Essential Questions About Respite Care

For a full time caregiver, it is essential to understand the importance of care respite. What is care respite? One can continue to care for their loved ones while hiring a professional for short term care which can help both mentally and physically. When should one think about care respite? A caregiver also needs a break or, a vacation with family in order to take better care of their loved ones.

The frequency of care respite can be as per your preference based on the needs of your family and care recipient. Care respite is primarily designed for full time caregivers who may need a break every now and then. In home care respite is very convenient because the care recipient doesn’t need to travel outside the comfort of their home and the professional caregiver can better understand the family’s routine.

The cost of care respite largely depends on the services required. Insurance may not cover this type of service which is why it is important to speak to the provider and customize the services based on your need.