Care Respite: Caring for Aging Parents as an Only Child

There are many perks to being an only child. For instance, you have your parents’ undivided attention and love while growing up. However, there can also be drawbacks to this, especially when your parents start to age. That is, you are handed the task of taking care of them and their needs all on your own. There’s really nothing wrong with this but it does come with its own set of challenges, some of which can take a heavy toll on an only child.

For instance, as an only child you find yourself needing to balance your career with taking care of your parents. This can be very challenging to do for most people, especially those who work in time- and effort-demanding industries. And when the parents start to develop certain illnesses related to old age such as Parkinson’s, dementia, or Alzheimer’s that’s when the only child starts to feel the full weight of the responsibilities.

Many only child who care for their parents at this stage will often suffer from mental and emotional exhaustion. This is mainly a result of shouldering all burden and having no sibling to share them with. Some people even have to quite their careers in order to tend to their ailing parents. It may seem like a noble idea, but it does have its repercussions. For one, the child ends up neglecting their own future and retirement. It can be hard on an only child who’s just getting started with their careers, but even more so for those who are already nearing the end of theirs.

Fortunately, they do not really need to carry this burden all by themselves. There are many ways to help cope with this dilemma, all of which can alleviate their challenges and pains.

For one, there’s the option of relocating their aging parents into residential aged care facilities. This may actually even be a better idea than taking care of aging and ailing parents at home. In such facilities, there are trained and professional caregivers to care for elderlies. They also have amenities to help elderlies feel comfortable, and more importantly, safe.

There’s also care respite services. Here, a professional can take over the only child’s caregiving duties for a few hours a day. It can even be modified to a few days a week. This will give the only child sometime to recuperate and relax themselves and provide them with a much needed rest after watching over their parents 24/7.

Being an only child doesn’t mean that you have to shoulder the burden of taking care of aging and ailing parents on your own. There are professionals who are specifically trained to help you do this. Besides, by hiring professionals for the job, you can feel more at ease because you know that your parents are in capable hands.

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