Care respite – Important role of care respite services

Care respite services can be emotionally and physically challenging which is why the carer needs to take constant breaks in between. Temporary relief provided to the caregivers who also need to take care of their family members is known as care respite services.
Friends and family members can offer care respite to caregivers for a couple of hours which can help in rejuvenating their mind and thereby allow the carer to ensure high quality services. Care respite should not be considered a luxury, rather it is critical for the care giver and the elderly patient.
Care respite also helps in reducing the stress levels of the caregiver thereby preventing chances of depression and loneliness. With a relaxed mind and renewed vigour, the caregiver is in a better shape mentally, spiritually and physically to offer his best. It promotes a general sense of well being and happiness for the caregiver which is critical to ensure high quality care services in an aged care facility.