Care respite – Important Break for Caregivers

Care respite offers an alternative care for the caregivers so that they can take a break and get some relief from their duty of care giving. The duration of care respite can be either for a weekend, a day or just for an hour depending on the need of the caregiver.

Care respite can be either provided by family or friends who can shoulder or reduce the burden of the care giver. Depending on the duration of care respite, there are nursing homes which provide temporary care respite services. Research studies have shown an increasing risk of depression and other associated health problems due to the enhanced stress levels associated with care giving.

Providing constant care services can be quite challenging.
Hence, it is important for the caregivers to take care respite such that they can get adequate sleep, daily exercises and nutritional meals. In case you are taking care of your loved one, care respite is extremely important to ensure that you can continue to provide that care.