Care Respite – Importance of the Break from Caring

There are different ways for carers to take care respite which may be for a week, one morning a week or just occasionally. This gives the carers more time to spend their own time once they are off from being a carer. Community care assessment is important for both the carer and the person who needs the care. In case the person you care for has a community care assessment, then you may be offered replacement care.
Once a carer’s assessment is completed, one can be given care respite by the local authority. In some areas, the care respite facility is only provided through a community care assessment of the person you’re taking care of. The breaks as part of care respite are tailored to your needs according to the carer’s assessment which considers all your choices and needs.
One can choose direct payment for care respite which can be used to pay for your breaks. Carers can also want to consider other ways of getting a break from caring which includes getting leisure discounts, asking for care funded by local authority, asking friends to help, getting funded by charities etc