Best Aged Care Facility for A Loved One With Memory Loss

Probably the number one reason why we need to seek an aged care facility for our elderly relatives is memory loss. Whether it’s Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia, once diagnosed it is best to start planning for their future care. Memory loss can be as simple a 78-years-old who lives alone forgetting to pay her bills, to her forgetting to turn the stove off which could end in disaster. These are both signs of memory loss, and she may need to be in an aged care facility.

Finding the right residential aged care facility is important. Residential Gardens specialises both in high, low and respite care. Memory care is unique in that most people diagnosed with either Dementia or Alzheimer’s will eventually need help with all areas of daily living. If you suspect that a loved one is suffering from a memory problem, contact a medical professional for evaluation. If you need to find a reputable aged care nursing home in Sydney, we welcome you to come and see the amazing amenities we provide at our residents at Residential Gardens.

Maybe you are not ready to let your loved one move into an aged care facility, but need some help.Memory loss can be difficult for the person going through it. Usually a care giver is responsible for helping the person with all aspects of everyday living, which can be overwhelming. At Residential Gardens we provide respite care support for the elderly, people with dementia, and for the care giver. Care respite services offer the individual a chance to participate in both social and recreational activities, as well as provide a time out for care givers. Residential Gardens offers respite services for high, low and Dementia care. Our respite services are usually planned ahead of time, but emergency services are available.

Residential Gardens offers both low and high care, as well as respite care. We try to match the care plan to the needs of each resident. Assistance can take many forms, from someone needing help with showering and getting dressed to other personal requirements. At Residential Gardens, we take our responsibility of caring for the elderly very seriously and our first priority is the comfort, security and happiness of each of our residents. Residential Gardens provides services based on individual needs.

The facility incorporates all of the necessary features needed to make sure that all of our residents are both comfortable and safe. We have comfortable common areas that are for residents and their families to enjoy. A first class chef, working in a commercial kitchen with a professional waitstaff. All of our meals are made with fresh, quality food. We also have a hostel that provides laundry services to all of our residents.

Residential Gardens provides aged care in South Sydney. All residents enjoy the privacy of their own spacious room with a modern en-suite bathroom, as well as provisions to set up their own private phone and television. We have friendly and caring staff members that are on call 24 hours a day. All rooms come equipped with call buttons in both the bedroom and bathroom, so trained staff are able to respond as soon as possible.