Benefits of Exercises for Seniors in Residential Aged Care Facilities

We all know that physical exercise is an important part of a person’s overall health. But it becomes even more important for older people as they progress through their senior years. This is one reason why physical exercises and activities is encouraged in residential aged care facilities. There are numerous studies which show the many benefits of regular exercise for older people, benefits which include the following.

Disease Prevention

As people age, their bodies become less resilient against certain kinds of illnesses and diseases. Proper diet and maintenance medicines can help alleviate this problem, and so can regular exercise. Regular physical activities can help lower the risk of heart diseases and diabetes, two diseases prevalent among senior citizens. Exercise also helps to improve the immune system, further helping protect elderlies from other ailments.

Improved Mental Health

Physical exercises have also been found to be helpful in improving mental health. Exercise helps the body to produce endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormone which acts as a stress reliever and leaves the person feeling happy and satisfied. Exercise has also been found to help improve sleeping patterns among senior citizens. This further helps them feel more refreshed and relaxed upon waking up and after taking a nap.

Better Balance and Coordination

One of the most common problem among aging people is the loss of balance. This can be dangerous as it can lead to slips and falls, which further results to more serious bodily injuries. Regular exercise can help elderlies improve their strength and flexibility, both of which are helpful in maintaining balance and coordination. Remember, seniors take a longer time to recover from an injury, so preventing it from happening should be a priority.

Create New Social Relationships

Exercise is also a good way socialize and meet new people. When elderlies move into age care facilities, it can feel lonely at first since they don’t know that many people. However, by joining group exercises conducted in the facility, they can mingle with other people and even make new friends. This will help make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable, both of which contribute to their overall health and wellness.

Regular exercise, whether that’s walking or a light Zumba session, should be a part of a senior citizen’s daily routine. If you’re planning to relocate your elderly into an age care facility, check what exercise programs are available for them. Doing so will help ensure that your loved one will get their much needed dose of exercise and physical activity. For more information, contact Residential Gardens today.