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Care respite – Lowering caregiver stress

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The fundamental idea of care giving translates to offering care and support to someone in need, whether the person is a spouse, disabled person or, an ageing relative. With rapidly increasing aging population, many caregivers have no professional health care training.Care respite becomes all the more important for such people. While taking care of your loved one can be a positive experience, it is quite common for caregivers to report varying levels of stress. It takes an emotional and physical toll on the person offering care. Care respite ensures that the caregivers can lower the risk of...

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High Care – Different types of long term services

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While people may need high care facilities at some point in their lives, it can be mostly associated with an aging population. High care facilities mostly involve living accommodations and medical care offered by a skilled team of nursing professionals who can promptly address some of the common issues experienced by seniors. There are different types of long term services which includes Assisted living, Dementia care, Skilled nursing facilities and Alzheimer’s care. High care facilities offer a wide range of services which includes medication management, nursing specialists available...

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Low care – Common Misconceptions about Assisted Living

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No one can deny the fact that the transition from their home to a low care facility is a big change. Seniors may experience a decline in health, social isolation, feeling lonely and requiring assistance with daily tasks. It may mean that they would require services offered by a low care facility in order to maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle. There are certain common misconceptions about assisted living which includes Assisted living facilities are filled with people who are ill. People often picture a low care facility to be one with feeble, old and sick residents. However, the fact is...

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