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Low care – Prevent Slips and Falls at home

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Low care facilities are designed for elderly people who want to stay independent while receiving assistance with daily activities. It is important to ensure that slips and falls at home are prevented for the elderly loved one because falls at home can cause serious injuries. Low care facilities at home would look out for loose rugs or, slippery surfaces, lack of safety rails, poor lighting, lots of clutter, trailing wires etc. and ensure to remove all risk factors which can cause a fall. Conditions like osteoporosis and Parkinson’s disease, continence problems, auditory impairment etc....

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High Care – Different stages of Dementia

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During dementia, different symptoms can emerge at various different stages. It’s a progressive condition which slowly gets worse over the years. High care facilities are required by elderly loved ones with dementia because they would need continuous nursing care. The three basic stages of dementia are Early, Middle and Late.  In the early stage the symptoms are mild and people can live independently whereas in the Middle stage which is the longest, forgetfulness and confusion becomes more pronounced. During the late stage, people are increasingly frail and appear to live in their own...

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Care respite – Different options for Respite Care

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One may have concerns about taking a break when they are providing care for someone elderly. However, it is important for the carer to take a break when they need to. A common reason of ignoring care respite services is because people feel guilty of abandoning the person they love and care for. However, with a few days or weeks of care respite, the caregiver will feel fresh, revitalised and in a better shape to provide care again. Professional care respite services provide carers who are trained to deliver medical support in home. Many respite carers form strong bonds and the friendships...

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