An Overview of the Different Aged Care Options Available in Australia

When Australians typically think of the term ‘aged care’, they will inevitably think of nursing homes for the elderly. Alternatively, they will think of traditional residential aged care facilities. However, the aged care industry has changed significantly in recent times. Nowadays, these facilities offer a lot more options to suit the needs of the elderly.

Many aged care facilities offer low and high care services in Sydney and other places. But, some of the other aged care options you might want to consider include:

Home care services that comprise four levels of packages and enable you to tailor a specific range of care and services for meeting your lifestyle requirements Aged care communities that provide independent living apartments along with aged care services delivered through a combination of home care packages and pay for service models and, Nursing homes and residential aged care services that cater to the elderly who cannot live independently in their homes by providing clinical-based care

Naturally, each of these services has its pros and cons. If you’re looking for a quality aged care service provider, think of Residential Gardens.