Aged care Sydney – Understanding compassion fatigue

For everyone offering aged care Sydney services irrespective of whether they are professional caregivers or a family member the chances are high that they are naturally compassionate and empathetic. However, even the most compassionate people may eventually face a situation called compassion fatigue when one feels that their emotions get stagnant.

Compassion fatigue is when a caregiver becomes extremely burned out after months or years of offering selfless aged care Sydney services. The situation is exacerbated with an overloaded schedule where you don’t think that your tasks will ever complete. Common symptoms include short temper, irritability, sleep disturbance, exhaustion, loss of appetite, substance abuse, more accident prone among many others.

The main way to combat compassion fatigue is by taking better care of yourself and making oneself their priority. Make each day healthier both physically and emotionally. Have nourishing meals, get enough sleep and get exercise to combat compassion fatigue. Seeing a mental health care professional is also a great way to ensure that you are ready again to provide high quality aged care Sydney services.