Aged Care Sydney: Tips for a Successful Conversation with Your Loved Ones

It is quite unfortunate, but many people only make brief visits to their loved ones residing in aged care facilities. Elderlies who were sent to care respite facilities receive even lesser visits since these services are relatively short. One reason why such things happen is because they feel like talking to an aging person can be stressful, especially if he or she is suffering from some form of illness that makes carrying a conversation difficult. Nonetheless, these unfortunate scenarios can be avoided by taking the following into consideration.

Verbal Communication

Many seniors often develop difficulty in their hearing, especially as they grow even older. Thus, you’ll want to speak a little louder than usual. This doesn’t mean that you have to raise your voice or shout at them. This is not only disrespectful but can also offend the person you’re talking to. Also, shouting tends to distort your language and make you even more difficult to understand.

So when talking to your loved one, be sure to speak in a clear voice. Speak slowly and avoid rushing what you’re saying.

Non-verbal Communication

Pay attention to your non-verbal communication also since these can send out signals that can aid or ruin the conversation. For instance, certain movements like fidgeting with your car keys, constantly looking at the clock or your phone can lead people (not just the elderly) to assume that you’d rather be somewhere else than there talking with them.

So when talking to your elderly loved one, be mindful of your body language. Avoid movements or gestures that can send the wrong signal like crossing your arms or tapping your feet while conversing. Instead, focus on being present by smiling, making eye contact, giving a few nods every now and then.

Choose a Quiet Spot to Talk

Facilities offering aged care in Sydney usually have a visiting area where you and your loved one can talk. Sometimes, there aren’t any visiting areas, but you’re allowed to spend time in the gardens, in the bedroom or even in the lobby. Wherever you choose to talk, make sure that you choose a quiet place with a relaxing ambience. Remember, some older people have difficulty hearing so you’ll want to avoid noisy places.

Spending some quality time conversing with your elderly loved one is crucial in ensuring that they don’t feel alone, whether they’re staying at the facility for good or for a short care respite in South West. Aside from that, it also helps with their emotional and mental health. Thus, it is important that you do everything you can to make every visit and conversation count. Remember, even if their looks have changed, they’re still the same person who loved and cared for you when you were little.

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