Aged care Sydney – Prevent Loneliness during Holidays

Winter can be a difficult time for elders and their caregivers in aged care Sydney facilities. During holidays, elders can be lonely due to reduced mobility and health conditions which can prevent them from travelling. Most of the elderly residents are very active and quite independent, however during Christmas holidays, frosty walkways and slippery paves can reduce their independence and mobility.

Keeping warm during winter is an important concern for the elderly in aged care Sydney facility. Ensure that your loved ones wear warm clothes and there should be proper facilities of heating. Central heating should be working properly to avoid chances of pneumonia or other illness which would be life threatening for them.

Christmas can be the busiest time of the year, which can make it difficult for caregivers to balance between their Christmas plans and looking after their loved ones. One can look for home care facilities which can prevent loneliness during holidays for elderly residents in aged care Sydney.