Aged care nursing homes – The Costs Explained

The amount one needs to spend for aged care nursing homes depend on a number of things which includes the type of accommodation, services needed and the level of medical care required. There are basically four areas which can have an impact on the fees one needs to pay.

Daily Living expenses include meals, cleaning of the room, laundry, heating and cooling, personal care, assistance with daily living activities, and medical care. The Government has set the maximum price for the daily fee which is reviewed twice a year. The accommodation payment can be either paid as a single payment, or a rental style daily payment or, a combination of both.

Cost of care which also have a price cap depends on your financial assets and income. Some Aged care nursing homes also offer extra services for a fee which can ensure higher levels of luxury. Extra services may include plush large room, bedside phone, easy access to internet, special therapies and beverages.

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