Aged Care Nursing Homes – Importance Of Hygiene And Disease Control

Immune systems slow down and weaken as we age which is why it is important to maintain hygiene in aged care nursing homes. The ageing population is at higher risk and hence every precaution must be taken to avoid the spreading of viruses in aged care nursing homes.

Infection control demands regular hygiene practice which includes routine environmental cleaning of floors, walls, door handles, light buttons, bathroom taps, tables etc. Safe use of disposable sharps is very important. Cough etiquette and safe handling of blood, body fluids and excretion is important. Attention to hygiene during food preparation and ensuring that workers suffering from gastroenteritis stay away from food preparation is required in aged care nursing homes.

Hand hygiene is exceedingly important for infection control. The five important tips on hand hygiene includes washing hands before touching a patient, before any procedure, after a procedure, after touching a patient and after touching a patient’s surrounding.