Aged care – Managing agitated residents suffering from Dementia

Residents suffering from dementia may show signs of distress, aggression and agitation when they are receiving aged care services. It is important for the carer to identify the symptoms properly and act accordingly. Individuals with dementia feel a variety of emotions and the feelings can be heightened at times.

There are five important parameters to consider in aged care services while dealing with an agitated resident viz. Comfort, identity, Inclusion, attachment and occupation. The resident’s daily care plan should be managed accordingly to improve the quality of life and avoiding use of anti-psychotic drugs.

The sense of a reliable support is important during aged care services which can comfort residents with dementia having higher levels of anxiety. Do away with a fixed agenda and focus on the individual’s need. A relaxed and client centric approach has been the best solution while managing agitated residents. It is very important to mind your own emotions while offering aged care services to guarantee the best possible service.