Aged Care-Making Elderly Driver’s Safe

Driving is an important part of many people’s lives and it is important to ensure safe driving, when people get older. One shouldn’t inhibit their elderly loved one from driving unless there’s a reason which compromises their safety.

What you can do is ask them to pick somewhere close like the local shops and see how they drive. If you notice them losing control or, being unsafe, make a note and discuss with them later.

Aged care services may help in finding the reason behind their unsafe driving like impaired vision which can cause harm to them and others on the road. In case your loved one is having trouble with map navigation, it is important to consult aged care services to find if there are symptoms of dementia.

As per law, one is required to report any serious or chronic medical condition or, disability which may affect their fitness to drive. Dementia must be disclosed because it does affect the ability to drive safely.