Aged care – Common Health Concerns for Seniors

According to a research report, almost 41% of seniors over the age of 65 report that they are in good health. However since the average life expectancy is on the rise due to advances in healthcare, one needs to consider aged care for a healthy future. There are various different health concerns for seniors which can affect their overall quality of life.

By learning about the most common health problems, one can plan their aged care facilities better so that they can get the right care which their body demands. One can make adjustments to their lifestyle which can allow them to age as healthy as possible. The family history, age and lifestyle plays an important role in your risk for certain medical conditions.

Some of the most common health concerns which require appropriate care in an aged care facility includes Cognitive decline, Heart disease, Oral health problems, balance issues, Osteoporosis, Respiratory diseases, Vision or hearing loss, Influenza or pneumonia etc.

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