Age Care – Providing Care and Succour to the Elderly

The decision to move into an age care home will always be emotional, stressful and difficult for the person moving in as well as his friends and family members. Residential Gardens is committed to provide myriad services and specialized care for the elderly along with comfort and peace of mind. Things change when one grows older, and the need for assistance with daily chores or health care becomes quite evident. In such a situation, age care services can be availed either on a permanent basis or for a temporary stay.
At Residential Gardens, we understand that the crux of age care services lies in providing excellence in accommodation, ensuring respect and dignity, and importance of individual choice. Therefore, we also provide customized age care services for our residents as per their individual choice and taste. Age care services provide succour to the elderly through various innovative, family based support programmes for the elderly belonging to different socio-economic strata.
Age care services include round the clock nursing care provided by trained nurses and availability of a doctor on-call for emergencies. It is very important to understand that sensitivity and discretion are critical factors in the age care facilities provided to the elderly. For the terminally ill, the age care services include caring specialists providing palliative care. There are various levels of services provided by age care homes i.e. while some of them provide continued nursing care, there are many others which specialize in accommodation and personal care with occasional nurse care.
Age care services are bound by certain laws and regulations which mandates that each resident has certain rights and responsibilities. In a nutshell, the resident has complete rights for personal privacy, to continue religious practices, information with respect to the medical treatments, quality care, personal independence, and a safe and secure environment.