Age Care – Memory Loss and Aging

With aging there are inevitable brain changes, however it is important to understand the difference between normal age related forgetfulness and symptoms which points towards cognitive problems. Signs of memory loss would mean that your loved one needs assisted living with age care. Memory care requires skilled staff for patients with Alzheimer’s or, dementia.

Residents in a low care facility are encouraged to be independent and the age care facility offers social activities to make life better. While memory care can be expensive one can choose respite care which may be low cost or free. Care Respite offers temporary help for the primary caregiver. There are several support programs which provides care respite services to low and middle income families affected by dementia, Alzheimer’s or, other memory disorders.

For their own safety, seniors with progressive dementia would eventually need round the clock supervision. An age care facility also offers personal care, medication management and other activities of daily living as part of their services.

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