Age care

The love for food is a global phenomenon with everyone having their favourite cuisine, nutritional consideration, preferences and treats. The planning, preparation, serving and eating of food is always a joyous affair. However with age; food and eating habits lose their appeal. There can be different reasons for loss of appetite.  Use of medication, depression, old age or, discomfort while dining can cause loss of appetite. Age care facilities make adjustments to restore the joy of eating and reignite appetite. Asking the elderly ones about their favourite meal and preparing their favourite dishes can do wonder to their fondness for food.
Age care facilities also encourages elderly ones to involve in the preparation of meals. By discussing the savoury details of the meals, one can make it a special occasion while asking them to talk about happier moments in their life. Combining their favourite meals with an activity like watching a good movie or, dining on an outside bench can make the entire experience memorable.