Age Care – Responsibilities of Aged Care Workers

Age care workers may include a community care worker, a registered nurse or an assistant in nursing. Their basic responsibility is to help older residents maintain their freedom, improve their quality of life and provide physical, social and emotional assistance to someone living with dementia or other medical conditions. Age care workers are expected to have entry level qualifications like Certificate III in Aged care or Certificate III in home and community care.

For various age care services, the aged care workers may be required to undertake domestic duties like cleaning, washing, vacuuming etc. along with the need to provide companionship and emotional support to residents.

The team of age care workers can be extremely diverse and include housekeeping team, professional nurses, people with TAFE certificates and veteran hostel managers. Registered and experienced nurses play a vital role in managing residential and community age care settings. They may be required to plan and arrange for medical assistance, palliative and dementia care depending on the specific medical records of the resident.

Age care workers also arrange various social activities, shopping trips and outings which ensures a healthy and lively social environment for the residents.